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About Clear Solution Capital

We make the process simple and convenient for you.

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Clear Solution Capital is a privately owned company that works with multiple investors, we are located in Farmingdale, NY. What we do is simple and convenient; we get working capital into the hands of small business owners who want to expand their business. We understand why cash on hand is so important to small business, because the owners of Clear Solution Capital are small business owners themselves.

Clear Solution Capital is very unique because we work with multiple investors. Clear Solution Capital can fund any business owner; it does not matter if they have good or bad credit scores, and even if they have bankruptcies, or liens. The investors we work with will fund any loans even if you don’t accept credit cards. Our capability to fund business owners is second to none.

Clear Solution Capital loan programs are fast and easy. We make the process simple and convenient for you; there is little paperwork and time on your part. Funding takes 48 hours to a week after a completed application. We look forward to funding you.